Kroger Facts (as I learn them)

Did you know….

1) If you take your own bags to Kroger – you know those eco friendly, reusable bags -to use instead of those annoying plastic bags that just pile up in a cupboard at home, they will actually PAY YOU?! Yes! Make sure you notify your cashier of your bags, telling her how many you brought, and Kroger will take $0.03 per bag off your receipt! Okay, so three cents doesn’t seem like much in the small scheme of it all, but just think….

If you take 12 bags with you each shopping trip, that’s $0.36. And lets say you go to the grocery store 5 times per month (I know we all go more than that, right?). In one month you will EARN $1.80, which is $21.60 a year! Who would have thought that you could MAKE $21.60 a year just by brigning your own eco friendly grocery bags!?

2) If you have a Kroger Plus rewards card, you SHOULD be getting direct mailers full of coupons from Kroger…unless you are me. I am not sure what address my card is linked to these days, and even though my address is correct on my kroger online account, I have never gotten any coupons from them! I was just informed about this, so I will be calling customer service to get this rectified! Apparently the Kroger direct coupons are pretty nice!

3) Double Coupons: I mis-understood, so I hope this information I am posting is now correct! Kroger WILL double any coupon that has a face value of 50 cents or less, so long as the coupon does not “do not double/triple”. If the face value of the coupon is greater than 50 cents, Kroger will not give you any bonus savings. So your best coupons are those of 50 cents off – which then become $1 off – or any coupons with a face value of $1 or more. The values in between 50 cents and a dollar are only worthy depending on the price of the item!

4) When Kroger does a 10/$10 special, this marks each item down to $1 and a coupon is STILL accepted on top of that reward! So, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off, Kroger will still match that, making that $1 item free! Time to stock up!!

5) You earn discounts on your Kroger Plus card for all purchases through a point system. Make sure to check in on your earned points, which can be used for discounts on groceries and gas! These points expire. Don’t waste free money! 10-20 cents off each gallon of gas is priceless these days! You can sign up to view your points at

6) In addition to the weekly circular and manufacturers coupons, Kroger has in-store coupons that you might not be aware of, and these can all be used in conjunction with one another. How do you access them? Simple! Just go to and sign up under your rewards card number. You can view the weekly circular ad there, and you can go to “coupons”, where you  can virtually “clip” coupons which load directly onto your rewards card. No printing necessary here, its all done digitally. When you check out at the register and hand over your rewards card, the in-store coupons that you loaded to your card will automatically start taking off discounts!

More to come soon, this is a good start! Please feel free to add any comments with more helpful Kroger tips!

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My First Couponing Experience

Well, it went pretty well! I spent a good portion of the day researching coupons online and printing out the ones I thought might be useful. I went to and uploaded the in-store coupons to my Kroger plus card (for those of you who didn’t know about this feature, please ask me! It’s great!) and checked out the weekly sales ad to see which items were on sale that also had in-store coupons AND printable coupons so that I could combine the three (and don’t forget that Kroger will match coupons valued at 50 cents or less!)

I was pleasantly surprised after I decided it would be best to go through a proper check out rather than the self check that the cashier asked me if I would like to apply my 10% savings to this order or save it for a future purchase! I had no idea that this was an option…I knew the Kroger points added up for gas purchases, but had no idea about an in store 10% savings! Of course, I told her to apply it today. The store was out of 2 items that I had coupons for, so instead of asking for a rain check, I ran to the other Kroger down the road and found that they had the items in stock there.

My first Kroger stop ran up a somewhat small bill around $50 before any coupons. I used only 9 coupons, 3 of which were double by Kroger because they had a face value of $0.50. I then received 10% off my entire purchase, leaving me to pay about $18! That’s about a 64% savings (if I am doing the math correctly…I am still on pain meds!)

After we left Kroger #1, we stopped to get Kroger gas. Using the Kroger rewards card, we saved $0.20 per gallon…not too bad, eh?

At Kroger #2, I found the 2 items that were sold out at the first one, plus picked up the items I had forgotten to purchase with my coupons. I bought 4 International Delight Coffee Creamers, which were 10/$10, and then I had a coupon for $0.55 off each one, making them only $0.45 each! I also bought 2-20 count Aleve which were on sale + in-store coupon to make them $0.99, but I also found an online coupon for $1 which was accepted making them both FREE!  Lastly, I picked up 1 lean pocket boxes which were on sale in the store for $2.10 each, and I had a $0.50 off coupon which Kroger matched to make a full $1 off each. Oh yeah! I picked up 2 discounted boxes of X-mas cards since I have yet to send any out for the 2010 year! My total bill was an even $8 after coupons and discounts…..a savings at Kroger #2 of $21.73!!


FREE = Coast Soap (2 pack). Kroger has them 10/$10, and you can print off an online coupon to save $1, making them free!

FREE=Aleve 20 count. Kroger has them marked down to $1.99 + and in-store coupon you can load onto you Kroger plus card for $1 brings it down to $0.99. Then, an online coupon for $1 off (which is supposed to be for 80+ count, but they took it) makes this item free!


I was expecting the International Delight Creamers to be free because they were 10/$10 and I had a coupon for $0.55 off, which I thought Kroger would match up to $0.50. Apparently, they don’t match coupons that have a value higher than $0.50….I thought they match ANY coupon but only give you $0.50 off or less. I still need to clarify this. So the 4 bottles of creamer that I thought would be free ended up costing me $1.80. I still can’t complain because that’s a darn good deal! (but free would have been better, haha!)

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Interesting Links

The Krazy Coupon Lady has a facebook page and a proper website that is FILLED to the max with anything and everything you need to know about couponing successfully, as well as current coupons that she actually has listed in alphabetical order! It’s amazing! The coupons are printable-all you have to do is click on the hyperlink and print the coupon. Take full advantage of this resource, as she even has a 10-step program to getting started in this crazy couponing world!

If you go to and search krazy coupon lady, you will find several helpful videos that Joanie had created full of tips and how to’s.

You will want to visit to print out any current manufacturer’s coupons on items you may need now, or may want to stock pile if cheap enough. Remember that places like Kroger will allow you to use a manufacturer’s coupon in addition to an in-store coupon, PLUS they will double the value of any coupon worth $0.50 or less AND this is all in addition to the specials they run such as 10/$10 and BOGO’s. More to come on this later!

**Check back, I will be adding more links as I gain more knowledge on this stuff! Feel free to comment with any helpful links!


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How my coupon obsession started

Last night, as I laid on the couch sick with strep throat and doped up on pain medication, I flipped aimlessly through the channels on the TV.  A show on TLC caught my attention, and after only a few seconds, I was completely absorbed in the show “Extreme Couponing”! But who wouldn’t be?! Okay, okay, perhaps it was the hydrocoding that had my head spinning in the wrong direction…or perhaps it was my insatiable appetite for hunting out a bargain! A lady who appropriately calls herself the “Krazy Coupon Lady” ran up a bill of over $650 at her local grocery store prior to handing over her coupons and store rewards card. Take a guess at how much her final tab was POST coupons………less than THREE dollars!?!?! What in the world?! How is this even possible? I knew then that I MUST learn this trade of couponing! The Krazy Coupon Lady took the viewers to her home and showed us her stock pile. She has enough food in her home to feed her family for over a year, and she’s paid maybe 10% of that value. The show also introduced us to a gentleman who stated that he became an extreme couponer when he and his wife married. It was after they combined incomes, and debts, that they realized how tight finances were going to be. Because of this obsession to save money, they have a stock pile in their garage that looks like a food bank (containing over $70K in groceries, of which he paid about $1K for) AND they were able to quickly pay off their $17K in combined debts, leaving only small student loans that they are currently chipping away at. Who wouldn’t want to live debt free, and get several months worth of groceries for what one drive through meal would cost?! I am totally inspired, and as of today am beginning my very own extreme couponing experience. I am striving to document as much of my success and failure here on this blog for you all to follow. I plan to share tips and coupons, and encourage you all to share your experiences here too! Happy couponing!

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